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“Community gardens are places where people come together to grow food and community”1. These outdoor environments nurture community connectedness, outdoor learning and sharing of skills to grow stronger communities. Community gardens provide productive, high quality, creative and  accessible open spaces in local communities and deliver a range of benefits in physical and nutritional health, mental health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, food security, social inclusion, education and training, economic development, cultural vitality and community resilience.


More and more communities and organisations across Western Australia are recognising the enormous potential for community gardens to be sustainable venues for local community development. Whatever your interests or expertise, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in this energetic and innovative sector.


Just as community gardens bring people together and encourage the sharing of ideas and skills, this website aims to connect individuals, organisations and groups interested in gardens and to share information and inspiration to support the development of vibrant and viable community gardens across Western Australia.





1 claire nettle (2010). Growing Community: Starting and nurturing community gardens. Health SA, Government of South Australia and Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association Inc.


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Do you want to support WA Community Garden Sector Networking?

Expressions of Interest 

There are some online resources and funding that have been held in trust for the WA community garden sector since the conclusion of the Growing Communities WA project in 2010.

The intention of these resources is to provide networking platforms (online/offline) for people involved in, or who are supporters of, community gardens in WA that facilitate:

  • Relationship-building between people with a shared interest in community gardening in WA
  • Information-sharing related to community gardening in WA
  • Discussion about community gardening issues and challenges in WA
  • Coordination of broader activities to support the development of the WA community garden sector
  • Anything else that the people involved in these networks decide is worthwhile and will meet their needs

We are seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from individuals, groups or organisations who are keen to support the development of the WA community garden sector by taking over the administration of these resources.

The EOIs are open until 31 March 2015. Download the further information and application details here.

More news and events can be found under individual garden listings

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